The Sexiest guys on the Planet

I am not sure if you are into male escorts, but I am one of those rare women who love to date male escorts. Male London escorts are some of the sexiest guys on the planet, and I have a couple of favorite male escorts I like to date. Do the other girls at Dalston escorts know that I date male escorts? I have never told them, and I am not sure that they would be totally comfortable if they heard that I date male escorts. What they are so hung about I don’t know, but dating male escorts in London seem to be a big deal for many women.

Lars is one of my favorite male escorts in London. He is rather young to be a male escort in London, but he has the most amazing body. I am sure that a lot of the girls at Dalston escorts of would be jealous if they met him because he is just so sexy. Originally from Sweden he has got this amazing physique which reminds me of a viking warrior, and I love his blonde hair. He is one of those guys who can drive you wild with pleasure and keep going all night.

Joe is a cheeky American male escort that I like to date. When I celebrated my birthday last year, he was my own little birthday treat to myself, and I invited him to a party I was having for the girls at Dalston escorts. He arrived wearing this long dark coat, but underneath it, he only wore this little pinnie. It was tied around his lower waist and his bum stuck out the back of it. All of the girls from Dalston escorts delighted in slapping that little well-formed ass from time to time, and he will be at my next birthday – that is a little treat I am not going to deny myself.

Then we have the sexy Giorgio. He is my Italian stallion from male London escorts, and I am never going to introduce him to the rest of the girls from Dalston escorts. Giorgio is one of those really handsome men who can keep going all night, and if you are looking for guaranteed satisfaction with a male escort in London, Giorgio certainly is the guy for you, I just adore this handsome Italian creature.

How do you set up date with male London escorts? Most male escorts in London work as freelancer or independent escorts. Since there are so few of them, it is a good idea to make arrangements in advance. Of course, you never know how you are going to be feeling on the night, so I normally come off my shift from Dalston escorts and see who is around. Most of the time we meet up for drinks at first, and if I am in the mood, I will continue the date back at my place. So far, I have never met a sexy guy in London who has not turned me on, and most of the time, we have ended up back at my place to finish of the evening in the right kind of way.

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