Divorced Man’S Sex With Escorts

Satisfying the sexual demands of a divorced man who is addicted to sex, and has had sexual escapades with a lot of women can be a hard thing to achieve. David had been divorced for 3 years and was obsessed with hiring different escorts all the time and trying new crazy things.

He hired one of the escorts in London who specialized in kinky things. They eased onto the bed where they caressed, and then he reached to lick the honey jar. He slid his tongue in as if to explore the vagina and the escort was lost in pleasure. He then inserted his middle finger and made some thrusts then removed it and smeared the secretion on his penis. The escort got hold of his finger, inserted it in and then removed it and put it in her mouth. She then got hold of the man’s penis, started caressing it with both hands, and then decided to give him fellatio. The man was well endowed since the escort could only suck three-quarters of the erect manhood.

David then got hold of the escort by her hips and positioned her for a doggy style penetration. He held her firmly by the hips and then rubbed his erect penis against her wet cunt, then started spanking her vagina’s lips with his dick which made the escort giggle. He then got hold of his dick and slid it in and started pushing in and out aggressively. She opened her eyes wide every time he touched the most interior depth of her vagina. Her moans slowly turned into cries, and it was hard to tell if she was enjoying his hard and deep jabs.

He enjoyed seeing the lady pinned down and continued giving faster thrusts with his testicles stamping the reign of his dick by banging her vagina’s lips like a choir in practice. The escort wished the man would cum, but it seemed her prayers never made it past the stratosphere: the man was way too far from reaching orgasm. He continued to pounding her pussy hard, as she moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Finally, he let out a cry of his own and climaxed, shooting his hot load all inside of the escort. When he pulled out he made her stay in position so he could watch the cum leak out of her pussy. He was satisfied for the time being, knowing he would be hiring another escort very soon.

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