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I will always cherish every moment with my London escort girlfriend

There is no day I won’t thank God for giving me a woman that is very caring and loving. I thought of myself as one of the luckiest man in the world of having this great woman in my side. This lady is very kind and God fearing. That is why I am very confident that my London escort will never make any things that can ruin our relationship. Because both of us knew the feeling of being cheated on or betrayed. .Perhaps that is the huge and number one reasons why we become close to each other, from a simple booking of London escort to a regular client of her. We almost have the same experience in life that is why we are very comfortable to each other. I realized that when you found someone who have the same things you undergo it is easy for you to be open about it. it is like you found the perfect person who can understand you. I and my London escorts just laugh out of what has happened to us, every time we talked about it there is tears and laugh. But slowly we understand that there are people who are not meant for us. We agreed that instead of making our life miserable, we decided to work for ourselves to become a better one. I can still remember that our goal before is to let out exes know that they are not a loss. We enjoyed each moment we do together. That is why I do not care if I spend money booking a London escort than being alone and live miserable. Being with a London escorts is a stress free, I forgot about my problems in life. I forgot about the things that make me stress. Whenever we are together, life becomes happier. I feel like the world is in our side. It is full of positivity and happiness being with each other. I slowly notice that I do not care anymore about my ex, the feelings are gone and I feel something that is brand new. At first I tried to ignore it to save our friendship. I do not want that London escorts will think that she is a rebound or she will stay away from me. That is why every moment I am with London escort is cherished. I make her laugh and happy all the time. If she is not that dumb, I knew that she also notice that I act differently towards her. I act like I am having an intention with her like surprising her all the time, sending her flowers and chocolates. That is why I wanted to end up her doubts and be man enough to say my feelings. I book her again, and prepared something special, something romantic just the two of us. That night becomes more magical when both of bus has mutual feelings to each other. I cannot explain the happiness inside me, I just feel every minute I am with her all the time.

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